History of Cachaca

Cachaca was conceived and first consumed 400 years ago in Brazil.  Cachaca is made from  natural sugar cane juice. In the 15th century Brazil was the biggest sugar producer in the world. Nowadays, the country still carries this important credential.

The first use of distilled cachaça was to feed the slaves so they could work without feeling so much pain. In addition the farmers realized that it actually increases the consumer energy. However, due to its fantastic taste cachaça began to be consumed by a lot of people and became very popular in Brazil around the 16th century.

Its popularity was so big that it throated competitive Portuguese products. Therefore the Portuguese court banned cachaça consumption in many Brazilian states from 1635 to 1639. Over the years new and better methods for producing cachaça were developed and the spirit started to appear on the finest tables in the colonial Brazil.

Around 1808 when Brazil was close to become a free country from the Portuguese colony, cachaça was one of the most important products of the Brazilian economy. Shortly after the slavery was banned in 1888, the country’s progressive leaders declared Brazil a modern republic and national pride began to surge all over the country.

Currently, cachaça is exported to countries such as England, Germany, United States and Australia. Its taste and large mixing possibilities is fascinating the entire world so much that cachaça is the third most consumed spirit in the world. Brazil produces and consumes around 1.5 billion liters of cachaca every year, and only 15 million liters are exported.

Cachaca is believed to be first imported to Australia in the early 1990s. Currently there are a few brands available in the Australian market. Saturno Premium Cachaca is the only hand-crafted cachaca in Australia. All other brands are made using the modern industrialized process which reduces the quality, eliminates the taste and fragrance of the cachaca. These cachacas and are most commonly called pinga.

Saturno Premium Cachaca is available in Australia through all major distributors and in top bars in Melbourne and Sydney. Saturno Cachaca is handmade in Brazil using the traditional ‘Alambique Artisanal’ process which guarantees the best quality and taste.

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