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Triple Sec is an orange-flavoured liqueur made from the dried peels of bitter and sweet oranges. Altoviso Triple Sec is made in Portugal using a traditional distillation process. It is fragrant with sweet orange aromas and a hint of other sweet citrus flavours.


Triple Sec is widely used in mixed drinks and recipes as a sweetening and flavouring spirit. Triple Sec is most often used in cocktails like the Margarita, but it is a great spirit to use in creating custom cocktails. Triple Sec can also be drunk neat or on the rocks.


There are two types of triple sec, distilled and wine based. However, the wine based triple sec doesn't carry the flavours, aromas and alcoholic strength of a spirit base triple sec like Altoviso.


It provides top-end flavour for a fraction of the price.


20% ABV

1000ml bottle

Product of Portugal

Fragrant with sweet citrus flavours

Case: 6 bottles x 1L


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