Saturno Premium Cachaca (pronounced "ka-shaa-sa") is produced in the South eastern region of Brazil called Minas Gerais. Saturno Premium Cachaca is so versitile that bartenders will enjoy making great cocktails and infusions using this product. 


Saturno Premium Cachaca is perfect for making a full-bodied, smooth, sugar cane fragrant Caipirinha (pronounced kai-pi-ri-nya).



100% fermented sugarcane juice

38% ABV

Handcrafted using the traditional method - Artesenal de Alambique and distilled in copper pot stills

Rested for 3 months in Amburana wood barrels (traditional Brazilian oak)

Sweet flavour


Size: 700ml

12 bottles per case

We can deliver SAME day or NEXT day in Sydney or Melbourne


For ORDERS or inquiries please call


Tony Banh 0425 243 836 


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