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The name Tristan (Welsh origin) symbolizes chivalry, tradition, respect and success. Tequila as a beverage has always been defined in Mexico as the preferred drink of the Gods and Emperors. Tequila Tristan unites strength and elegancy for the most refined palates.


Tequila Tristan is the result of the will and dedication of generations.
Hard work and efforts have been devoted during decades to find unique colors, gentle flavors to create an incomparable tequila. Tequila Tristan is a beverage that honors the fusion between the European and the Indigenous culture.

Tequila Tristan is one of the few Mexican-owned Tequila producers who distills high quality Tequila.


Case: 6 bottles x 750ml

Alc Vol 40%

AHA Torro Tequila


This brand was founded in 1996, evokes the close identity between tequila and Mexican people, which is reflected in those filmic or literary scenes in which the revolutionary army drinks the strongest liquor in the darkness of the Tavern or the landscapes of the Sierra

25 years later, you can enjoy as before taking this tequila at the "Tavern Guild" in Tequila, Jalisco Mexico

The quality and smooth taste of this tequila, make attractive for young people and for women. It is a drink to be mixed with some of our special recipes including Margaritas. This tequila has two representations: Silver and Reposado, the last one aged in American oak barrels.


Case: 6 bottles x 750ml

Alc Vol 40%

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