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The name Tristan (Welsh origin) symbolizes chivalry, tradition, respect and success. Tequila as a beverage has always been defined in Mexico as the preferred drink of the Gods and Emperors. Tequila Tristan unites strength and elegancy for the most refined palates.


Tequila Tristan is the result of the will and dedication of generations.
Hard work and efforts have been devoted during decades to find unique colors, gentle flavors to create an incomparable tequila. Tequila Tristan is a beverage that honors the fusion between the European and the Indigenous culture.

Tequila Tristan is one of the few Mexican-owned Tequila producers who distills high quality Tequila.


Case: 6 bottles x 750ml

Alc Vol 40%


La Serpiente Emplumada, which means 'Feathered Snake' in Spanish, which would make a pretty solid name for a secret agent...


Nose: Earthy agave, with rich layers of chocolate and vanilla-y oak.


Palate: A kick of white pepper as it opens, well balanced by dark chocolate and roasted fruit.


Finish: A long, sweet and buttery finish.

Case: 6 bottles x 750ml

Alc Vol 38%

Casco Vlejo

Casco Viejo Blanco is a traditional hand crafted tequila produced by the Camarena Brothers, the third largest owners of agave plantations in Mexico. Their privileged access to the finest plants from the premium highland region of Arandas creates 100% agave blanco and reposed tequilas of exceptional quality.


As the 3rd largest owner of agave plantations, the Camarenas are in a  perfect position to concentrate 100% agave tequilas.


Distillation takes place in traditional pot stills; new American oak barrels are used for ageing; and the tequilas are reduced to the correct strength with water from their own well, filtered by reverse osmosis.


This is a family business that has been passed through each generation the respect for growing the best agave and distilling and maturing tequila of great pure flavour ideal or classic cocktail or as a single shot. Mexico City's favourite tequila!

Comes in 750ml bottles 38% Alcohol

Disparos Tequila

Disparos, named and styled after the wild west of Mexico.It is the perfect tequila for margaritas.


Distilled in one of the best ditillery in Mexico Destiladora del Valle de Tequila 35% ABV.


Disparos tequila gold and silver comes in a 1L bottle, unlike other tequilas on the market!