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Paul John Single Malt

John Distilleries was established in 1992 and over the last 2 decades, it became one of India’s leading spirits companies. They entered the single malt whisky market in 2008 as a 'pet project' and have quickly gained worldwide attention. Distiller, Michael John employs local ingredients, although a peated release sources peated malt from Scotland. 


Paul John Whisky was first introduced in 2012 in UK and then spread across European markets such as France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium. 


Distellery won several awards internationally such as New World Distillery of the Year in 2014 and Asian Distiller of the Year 2014.


Single Malt Whisky comes from a single distillery made from a mesh that uses only one particular malted grain, double distilled in traditionally designed copper pot stills. It is modest and minimal, but complex, consisting of only water, barley, and yeast.


Matured in ex-bourbon American oak casks, Non chill-filtered, Non coloured.


At IBEV we have 2 types - Edited, with a hint of peat and Brilliance  - a non-peated version





Vol 46%, 700ml bottle



GOLD medal - Wizards Of Whisky 2013


SILVER medal - World Of Whisky Masters 2013


In a short span of 1 year from its launch in Europe in 2012, the brand has won a dozen International awards at prestigious tasting events.


This includes the most sought after Liquid Gold award assigned

by Jim Murray (World renowned authority on Whiskies), in his prestigious Whisky Bible for 2013 and 2014.






Tasting NotesNose : a complex amalgam of nougat, spotted dog pudding (sans sultanas!) and orange blossom honey with the vanilla spinning tangled webs just beneath.


Honey is captured as the bourbon element expands.

A delicate gristiness ushers in freshness to the custard tart.


Taste: the mouth feel exudes star quality with the barley generating all kinds of juicy riches with the light Demerara sugars forming an elegant accompaniment.

A coppery spine is soon carrying the barley in varied forms while a gorgeous cocoa sub strata heralds in the spices which buzz the taste buds at will.

Finish : beautifully relaxed: a light tingle from the spices pulses contentedly, the vanillas gather in deeper intensity yet the barley and copper stretches to the end;

Balance :  yet another astonishing malt from India.




Size: 700ml

12 bottles per case

Paul John Brilliance




Feel the tropical tastes of Goa from the first whiff and taste.

This is a masterfully crafted Indian Single Malt Whiskey, matured in selectively chosen cask profiles.

They barley shows early and with pride

A bourbon manuka honey-liquorice mix makes for an attractive spine with toasted honeycomb arriving somewhere in the middle unexpectedly.

This is as tropical as it gets

55.2% Abv



Size: 700ml

12 bottles per case




Experience the many notes and shade of Goa here...

The Paul John Select Cask Peated gently astonishes the seriously indulgent.

The swirl lightly whisks up from the undulating landscapes of the windswept ocean fronts of Goa.

The smoke slowly blows forward and acts as a sushion to the many layers of crisp sugars, muscovado and demerera. A hint of spice radiates from the hickory and Dominican-Style cocoa.

That's the Goa experience in a tipple.

55.5% Abv



Size: 700ml

12 bottles per case

Paul John Classic
Paul John Peated
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